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transparetn crosswalk_edited.png

Cross Walks

Pedestrian crosswalks are essential to the safety of pedestrians in areas of high traffic.  Tri-Star Traffic offers complete construction of crosswalks from start to finish.  Tri-Star is well versed and thoroughly experienced in the installation of crosswalks and has immediate access to the product.

Mid Blocks

Mid-blocks, much like crosswalks are essential to pedestrian safety in high traffic zones.  Similar in function but different in design, mid-blocks feature proper red-green-yellow traffic signals in order to direct traffic flow.  This directs a clearer message to both pedestrian and motorists to provide additional safety for both.  Tri-Star is highly experienced with this installation and offers a start-to-finish process at the convenience of a single contractor.

In case of service interruption you can contact Tri-Star Traffics emergency contact number (204) 946-9587 for instant contact to a professional dedicated to resolving the interruption.

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