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Traffic Control


Traffic Control Systems


Traffic Control Systems

Traffic Signals

Tri-Star Traffic can consult, design, supply, install, maintain and refit, in whole or in part, any traffic signal system.

Every installation is performed precisely by experienced professionals, a combination of journeyman electricians and traffic control technicians.


Vehicle Detection & Imaging

Whether utilizing induction loops, radar, still image, or video surveillance, installation of specialized traffic infrastructure is a process that demands a unique combination of expertise and equipment; a failure of either result in impaired performance, reduced service life and increased cost


Tri-Star Traffic comes to every intersection with the skills, the tools and the experience to complete the job with precision, cost-effectiveness and safety.


All of Tri-Star Traffic's road crews are certified in the latest roadside work zone safety procedures and have multiple years experience with traffic control devices.


Our Emergency Contact Number (204) 946-9587 allows customers instant contact with a professional dedicated to resolving the situation as soon and as effectively as possible.

With Tri-Star Traffic, premium maintenance service can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

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